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Our Products Unit 4.1 - FINANCE PEOPLE
Verified Dt- 2015-05-16

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Category Consulting Subcategory HR
Establishment Type Organisation Name of the person for customer contact Ashok Grover
Products and services details

We recruit financial  and accouting professionals for various projects , companies  & other organisation/s. Recruitment of financial professionals needs wide range of expertise in this domain. An increase in Financial recruitment has been marked due to following reasons.

Because of an increased number of mergers, financial services businesses are now mostly large, multinational companies. A variety of financial specialists is needed to ensure that these companies operate legally and are fiscally sound. It is also important to be technologically trained as Technology also has affected financial specialists' work. also more financial specialists are needed now to ensure that their organizations comply with the current standards.

Contact us for any kind of  recruitment in financial domain.

Keywords about establishment for customer search Financial and Accounting professional, Audit, Analyst, loan officers, underwriters, consultants, Data entry operators
Details about the establishment

We are based in all metro cities of India. We have been into financial recruitment for last 4 years. Our recruiters are financial specialists in their own field/s.

We provide recruitment services for :

Accountants and auditors, Loan officers, Financial analysts,Personal financial advisors, Other financial specialists,Insurance underwriters,Tax preparers,Appraisers and assessors of real estate,Tax examiners and collectors and revenue agents,Credit analysts,Budget analysts, Credit counselors, Financial examiners

Contact us for experts as well as freshers of finance domain.

Country INDIA State Haryana
District Gurgaon City Gurgaon
Area DLF Place Phase - II
Market Near Sahara Mall Floor 1st Floor
Shop / Plot Number 25 Pin 122002
Business website NA Business email id
Business Hours 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM
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