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Summary - What is Detachment
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Details ( Page:- Detachment )
A Message from Angel of Peace
The soul or the conscient point of light is originally double light. It is light in the form, made up of light or energy. And nothing belongs to the soul. It just uses the available resources to perform it's part in the world drama. So it is light in the thoughts. But when the conscient point of light starts to feel responsible for resources available to it and starts to worry about the future events or get concerned about the past events, it loses the lightness. It feels attached and bound to its role. Then the soul finds it difficult to get detached when needed. Often deities are shown as being seated on a lotus flower. A lotus flower represents detachment in life. Because it stays in the mud, deep rooted in the ground. But still stays afloat and above the filth, thereby being clean and beautiful irrespective of the surroundings.  Staying detached even when performing our daily duties is an art which can only be mastered with lots of practice and attention. Its easy to get pulled into the scenes of life but it's difficult to stay afloat. Once this art is mastered we can unleash our true potential and the immense powers we originally have. Which is why those who have mastered this art are considered equivalent to God.

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