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Details ( Page:- society & Family )
Sometime a child or, a grown up man thinks that  his home, family , disciple, society or teacher/guide stops him to grow , or to enjoy life. But ,  actually , they are helping us to grow & enjoy life better.
Let's see the some interesting story collections to understand this. 

" Mr. Manas" is the Son of a School teacher. He doesn't like the typical middle-class family circumstances &  living in his house. He didn’t like his father or, mother nagging him for minor things . 
For example-  
“You are leaving the room without switching off the fan” or,  “The TV on in the room where there is no one. Switch it off!” or, “Keep the pen in the stand; it is fallen down”

He had to tolerate these things till yesterday since he was with them in the same house.
But today, however, he has an invitation for a job interview.
His thoughts were , “As soon as I get the job, I should leave this town. There won’t be any nagging from my father or, mother”.

He left for the interview &  his father's last words were, “Answer the questions put to you without any hesitation. Even if you don’t know the answer, mention that confidently.” Father gave him more money than he actually needed to attend the interview.

The son reached the interview centre.
There was no security outside or, near the gate. Even though the door was open, the latch was protruding out probably hitting the people entering through the door. He put the latch properly, closed the door and entered the office.

On both sides of the pathway he could see beautiful flower plants. The gardener had kept the water running in the hose-pipe and was not to be seen anywhere. The water was overflowing on the pathway. He kept the hosepipe near the plant and went further.

There was no one in the reception area. However, there was a notice saying that the interview was in the first floor. He slowly climbed the stairs.

The light that was switched on last night was still burning at 10 am in the morning. He remembered his father’s admonition, “Why are you leaving the room without switching off the light?” and thought he could still hear that now. Even though he felt irritated by that thought, he sought the switch and switched off the light.

Upstairs in a large hall he could see many aspirants sitting waiting for their turn. He looked at the number of people and wondered if he had any chance of getting the job.

He entered the hall with some trepidation and stepped on the “Welcome” mat placed near the door. He noticed that the mat was upside down. He straightened out the mat with some irritation. Habits die hard.

He saw that in a few rows in the front there were many people waiting for their turn, whereas the back rows were empty, but a number of fans were running over those rows of seats.

He heard his father’s voice again, “Why are the fans running in the room where there is no one?” He switched off the fans that were not needed and sat at one of the empty chairs.

He could see many men entering the interview room and immediately leave from another door. There was thus no way anyone could guess what was being asked in the interview.

He went and stood before the interviewer with some anxiety and concern.
The officer took the certificates from him and asked, “When can you join work?”

He thought ,”is this a trick question being asked in the interview, or is this a signal that I have been offered the job?” He was confused.

“What are you thinking?” asked the boss. “We didn’t ask anyone any question here. By asking a few questions we won’t be able to assess the skills of anyone. So our test was to assess the attitude of the person. We kept certain tests based on the behaviour of the candidates and we observed everyone through CCTV. No one who came today did anything to set right the hose pipe, the welcome mat, the uselessly running fans or lights. You were the only one who did that. That’s why we have decided to select you for the job”, said the boss.

He always used to get irritated at his father’s discipline and remonstrations. Now he realized that it is only the discipline that has got him his job. His irritation and anger at his father vanished completely.

He decided that he would bring his father too to his workplace and left for home happily.

Note – Whatever our parents & true well-wishers tells us is only for our bright future. Hence there is no use in hurting them when they are alive and remembering about them when they have passed away.

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Details ( Page:- The Kite & the Success )
पिता,  पतंग उड़ा रहा था
बेटा पिता को ध्यान से पतंग उड़ाते देख रहा था.
थोड़ी देर बाद बेटा बोला-
पापा.. ये धागे की वजह से पतंग और ऊपर नहीं जा पा रही है, क्या हम इसे तोड़ दें !!  ये और ऊपर चली जाएगी.
पिता ने धागा तोड़ दिया  and पतंग थोड़ा सा और ऊपर गई और उसके बाद लहरा कर नीचे आयी और दूर अनजान जगह पर जा कर गिर गई.
तब पिता ने बेटे को जीवन का दर्शन समझाया. बेटा,  'जिंदगी में हम जिस ऊंचाई पर हैं..
हमें अक्सर लगता की कुछ चीजें, जिनसे हम बंधे हैं वे हमें और ऊपर जाने से रोक रही हैं
  जैसे : -घर-परिवार-अनुशासन-माता-पिता-गुरू-और-समाज-
और हम उनसे आजाद होना चाहते हैं...
वास्तव में यही वो धागे होते हैं जो हमें उस ऊंचाई पर बना के रखते हैं.
'इन धागों के बिना हम एक बार तो ऊपर जायेंगे परन्तु बाद में हमारा वो ही हश्र होगा जो बिन धागे की पतंग का हुआ...

"अतः जीवन में यदि तुम ऊंचाइयों पर बने रहना चाहते हो तो, कभी भी इन धागों से रिश्ता मत तोड़ना.."

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