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Summary - 7 bliss or happiness in world
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Details ( Page:- 7 Bliss- Happiness )
What is Seven ( 7) Happiness or, Bliss of life ?

(एक सुखमय खुशहाल जीवन को  के लिए सात सुखों  किया  हैं )
1-            पहला सुखनिरोगी काया,
2-            दूजा सुखघर में हो माया,
3-            तीजा सुखसुलक्षणा  नर-नारी
4-            चौथा सुखहो पुत्र आज्ञाकारी,
5-            पाँचवां सुखहो सुन्दर वास,
6-            छठा सुखहो अच्छा पास,
7-            साँतवां सुखहो मित्र घनेरे,
और नहीं जगत में दुखः बहुतेरे
Above are 7 bliss of life in Hindi as per Indian ancient philosophy. 
Read English translation below:- 

1-            1st happiness for mankind is healthy & fit body.
2-            2nd happiness is Money / Wealth for human being.
3-            3rd happiness is virtuous ( Good character ) better half ( wife or husband ).
4-            4th happiness is  Obedient Son / Daughter 
5-            5th happiness is Good & beautiful Home
6-            6th Happiness is Good Neighborhood / Community
7-            7th Happiness is Good & large number of friends

If a person have above happiness in life than he / she don’t have too much sadness in the world.

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Details ( Page:- Walking for Happiness )
We know Walking  is the best exercise. Gift Yourself A Walk. Towards Happiness. 

🚶 *Walk Away* 🚶 -  
From -   Arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger. 

🚶 *Walk Away* 🚶 -  
From -  People who deliberately put you down. 

🚶 *Walk Away* 🚶 -  
From - Any thought that reduces your worth. 

🚶 *Walk Away* 🚶 -  
From - Failures and fears that stiffle your dreams.

🚶 *Walk Away* 🚶 -  
From -People who do not care for you and who are opportunistic.

🚶 *Walk Away* 🚶 -  
From - things that poison your soul,

The Happier Your Life Will Be.

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