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Details ( Page:- Medicine Systems )

Medicine word is derived from Latin Word Medicus.

As per definition available on net, Medicine is the science or, Practice of the diagnosis, Treatment & prevention of diseases.

There are many types of medicinal practice available for mankind. Most popular way of medicinal practice known to us is Allopathy. But Below are also medicine system practiced by healers & doctors. Some of them are also widely known and some are little known to us. But all of them has equally good for mankind .

Some of the known medicine systems are:-

1. Allopathy

2. Homoeopathy




6. Rajyoga

7.Magnetic Therapy



10.Water therapy

11. Urine Therapy


13. Reiki

14. Naturopathy

15.Chinese Medicine System

16.Faith Healing


18.Wave therapy or, Taranga Therapy



21.Music therapy etc.


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