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Summary - Metro Train, Rapid Transit system
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Details ( Page:- Rapid Transit & Metro )

Metro train is a Mass Rapid Transport system ( MRTS ). It is an electric based fast, rapid, reliable, air-conditioned, comfortable & affordable urban transport system.

Below cities have metro train facility in INDIA








Rapid transit in India consists of Bus, metro, monorail, & Light rail systems. The first rapid transit system in India was the Kolkata Metro , which started operations in 1984.  Delhi Metro is first modern metro in India , which includes of both underground as well as external metro track.

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Details ( Page:- Metro Man Sreedharan )
Anyone, who knows delhi metro also knows its Managing Director E Sreedharan ( IES ). 

He was well known for completing projects within or, before  stipulated time and also known to isolate projects from political pressure .

He is also friend & class mate of another Indian Legend Mr T.N. Seshan ( former  Chief election commissioner )

He has been credited & involved  with big projects  such as building Konkan Railway ( 1987 - 1995)  & Delhi Metro ( 1995 - 2012 ). He was supposed to retire in 2005 but his tenure was further extended to oversee the completion of phase 2 of delhi metro. He was also deputy chief of Kolkata Metro in 1970s.Also he was in advisry panel for Lucknow, Kochi & other metro Projects.

He is awarded with Padma Shri ( 2001 ) & Padma Bibhusan ( 2008) by govt. of India.

He is also awarded as the Chevalier de la Légion d'honneu by Govt. of France.

After retirement, he is  appointed by UN Secretary General to serve UN high Level Advisory Group on sustainable Transport ( HLAG-ST ) for a period of 3 Years.

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Details ( Page:- Metro Train Worldwide )
Some interesting Facts About Metro Train World Wide

London Underground Metro Train is the oldest Metro Train In the world. This is also known as the Tube.London Underground is operational from 1863 and serving 270 stations & route Length of 402 Kms. It Comprises of 11 Lines.

Sanghai Metro is the Longest Metro system by route Length. i.e 548 Kms.

Beijing Metro is the 2nd Longest metro route by Length i.e 527Kms. It is also metro system with highest ridership .

NewYork city Subway Metro route has highest number of stations i.e 472 and is 373 kms length .

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