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Summary - Purity, Brahmakumaris, BK
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Om Shanti

We all know and accept that we need to try and get rid of the vices within the soul. And these vices are what gives pain to the soul. The first and biggest vice is body consciousness which in turn pulls all the other vices to itself. 

Why is it that vices give us pain and being in our original state of soul consciousness brings us peace. There is a saying "Jaisee smriti waisee sthiti" which means your state of being is driven by your state of remembrance. Experiencing ourselves as immortal, imperishable, conscient point of light, brings peace because Peace, Purity, Happiness are the qualities of the soul. And this is exactly the reason why we search for them. But the irony is that we are looking outside for something which is actually inside. So no wonder we are never able to find what we are looking for. We might experience temporary peace by being at a certain place or being with certain peaceful people, because of the vibrations of these people or place. But if we want to experience permanent peace, or experience it at our own will, then we need to tap the source within. 

Vices in Hindi are called Vikaar. Which means an unnatural state. Whenever we are in an unnatural state we are bound to experience discomfort. Just like a rubber band which is kept in a stretched state for too long. Chances are that it will snap at some point or lose its original characteristic of elasticity. 

We the souls, have also been in this unnatural state for quite a long time, leading to many of us snapping often, or completely losing our original elasticity. Meditation tries to bring us back to our original state, but when we come into action, if we behave based on a false identity, we reinforce the unnatural state and remembrance of being a physical body. So, sitting in meditation for a while is the first step, but then it comes down to realisation of our true identity which will bring about a long lasting change in us and take us gradually back to our original and natural state. And that state is the most comfortable for the soul. 

A soul is originally pure and peaceful. And this state of purity brings comfort to the soul. It heals the soul from within and lets it experience true peace, love and happiness. Acting under the influence of Lust acts like a poison for the soul which completely burns the soul. It not only takes away all power of the soul but also brings anger, attachment, jealousy, insecurity, fear and other vices with it. Its like getting caught in the poisonous web of desires and body consciousness deeper and deeper. The power of vices increases rapidly taking over control of the soul. A person starts acting like being possessed by some external power, which is why we often see people doing heinous crimes under the influence of vices, mainly Lust and Anger. It is said that Lust and Anger are the doorway to hell.    

But all these are just words till we have actually experienced them. And in order to experience something we need to take the first step to try it out for a considerable amount of time. Only then can we compare our before and after state and effect of our experiments. And just like getting off a strong addiction, we cant completely take off what we are addicted to. We need to replace it with something positive. In this case the replacement is experiencing all relations with the Supreme being, the source of unlimited love, peace, purity, happiness and all of our original qualities. If we take the first step we can explore this journey of unlimited happiness and discovery of truth. 

OM Shanti

Written by Divine Angel

Collected by me

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