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Summary - Habit of Writing Article
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Why to write Article. What are benefits . 

1-     To enhance personal creativity &visualization & orderliness.

we are very busy In our day to day life and. Our thoughts and ideas gets tangled with each other and also we forget aboutfew things.

We have to review and sweep  our thoughts into words and make them orderlyto best present for the purpose. Thus , helps to create & visualize . Thisis something positive and enhances our mind concentration, thought clarity andorderliness.


2-     To enhance expression

While we say something, we take less timeto articulate or, imagine about something. Which tends to create mistakes. Butwhile we write something , we take time to think , articulate with bettervocabulary . So it helps to express the topic in a better and powerful way.

So , before giving some lectures , we canwrite something and edit it for perfection and than give your lecture forbetter audience influence.


3-     Writing helps to reduce stress.

Writing is an communication and it helps toreduce stress because we express our sorrow, anger, worry & emotion byventing into a piece of paper. It is therapeutic.


4-     It helps to increase brain power, Helps toenhance language strength & vocabulary.

Creating some article needs our brain touse it’s power & also uses our memory storage for good vocabulary as wellas linguistics expertise. Principally , a good invest always returns betterresults and that is applicable in this matter too. Especially, Good for peopleof any age and specially students & working class people. It helps to growpersonal knowledge as well as helps to grow knowledge in society.



5-     It also helps positive attitude of reading &learning, which helps to grow personality as well as money in long run. Helpsto engage brain in positive & productive activity and reduces wastethoughts.

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