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Summary - Hazards of Electronic tools & machines & devices
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Details ( Page:- Laptop & similar device harmful )
Researchers shows laptop & similar devices are harmful for us. But due to requirement we use them for different purposes.

Because it releases electromagnetic radiation. Sometime more than 200Milligauss, which is very harmful to living beings. Safe range is less than 0.3.

Radiation may cause tumor development.

Also , laptop releases wifi, which is harmful to us, in particular non ionizing radiation.

Researcher Dr. Magda Havas, Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, ON, Canada, states:

 “The scientific evidence clearly shows that microwave radiation at levels well below [international] guidelines…with Wi-Fi routers causes cancer in laboratory animals, causes heart palpitations in sensitive adults, causes reduced sperm motility and viability, and is associated with symptoms of electrosensitivity that include – but are not limited to – cognitive dysfunction, pain, fatigue, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, irritability), dizziness, nausea, weakness, skin problems, and tinnitus.”

Research shows that , among other things, radiation can significantly increase the risk of glioma, a deadly brain tumor. They have classified RF as a possible carcinogen, the same as lead and DDT.

Also , harmful for reproductive health.A study evaluating the direct impact of laptop use on human sperm was published in January 2012 in Fertility & Sterility, showing a significant decrease in sperm motility (movement) and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation.

Men’s testes are endangered by laptop use in yet another way. According to environmental consultant Cindy Sage:

“Overwhelming evidence shows that RF can cause DNA damage, and DNA damage is a necessary precursor to cancer.”

So, please see and research more to know about this harmful effect of  radiation oriented devices.

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