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Summary - Meditation process - cleansing, joining
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Meditation is a useful method to help human beings redirect their life positively and healthily, and to achieve inner stability. The word meditation comes from the Latin word mederi, which means cure. Curing the inner self is not a matter of taking medicines, but it involves re-establishing the balance through knowing oneself, having the correct attitudes and making the correct use of mental and emotional energy. 
In meditation, we learn to observe our inner self and recover the resources that can cleanse (heal) and harmonize us: peace, love, truth, wisdom, purity and happiness. Through concentrated thought we learn to let these positive and pure energies manifest (show) themselves in our conscience and in our day-to-day actions. 


In Greek, the word meditation is translated as dialogismos, from which comes the English word dialogue. Meditation is a dialogue with oneself, with the true self; a very necessary process for developing self-knowledge and accumulating inner strength. 
The basis of spiritual dialogue with oneself is introspection. Introspection is the ability to examine and change oneself, as one wants to or should do. Without a consistent re-evaluation of our attitudes and thought models, negative habits easily dominate our consciousness. A healthy dialogue with our inner selves means that we interact positively with others, without being trapped or lost in ourselves. Introspection involves being an observer: observing and not reacting to situations or people with negative emotions such as anger, hate, fear, resentment and jealousy. Being detached observers helps us conserve our inner energy and keeps us spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy. 


We can take the third meaning of meditation from the Sanskrit word yoga. By understanding this word, we learn how to get divine cooperation, or put in another way, a certain external spiritual power that can liberate us and help us to dialogue positively with the self (explained yesterday). The word yoga means bringing together or joining again. Joining again with what or with whom? Firstly, with our original and eternal self: the soul, and secondly, with the eternal Supreme Source of all positive power and energy; this Source helps us to recharge ourselves with energy and to know ourselves. 
At this time in the history of humanity, humans have lost the mastery and control over themselves. They do not have continual peace or a sense of purpose, happiness or fullness. The human soul needs to be recharged. Although the soul has great potential in its inner self, it needs a source of external energy for the latent (hidden) powers and virtues to emerge, just as occurs with seeds in nature. The seeds of plants and trees have their own source of inner energy. However, this energy cannot be released without the actions of an external energy source, in this case the energy of the sun. Through the power of sunlight, the seeds in the earth will sprout and flourish. The human body has its own energy, but needs external sources of energy on a daily basis: air, sunlight, water and food. Without these external sources, the human body would die. The external source of power that helps the latent virtues emerge in the human being is not physical, since the human soul is not physical either. This source of power has traditionally been called *God or the Supreme Being*: in fact it has been given many names. 
The Supreme Power is the eternal reference point for all creation, whose task is to recharge and cleanse everything. Being eternally pure and untouched by any trait of selfishness or violence, the Supreme Being is totally benevolent (kind), and through the eternal energies of love and truth is capable of recharging and filling the human soul with all the powers. Of course, each person chooses their own level of cleanliness, recharging or fullness. That personal choice will determine the resulting powers of love, peace, happiness and truth to be found in the individual. 

The Supreme Being is like an eternal point of pure Light that resides in the world of eternal silence, beyond time and matter. Through concentrated thought we can reach this source of love and purity. When our mind is synchronized it takes just a second to establish communication. When we reach this place of eternal silence, the world of silent light, we focus our loving attention on the Supreme Being. If our focus is deeply concentrated we can feel the self is filled with the purest peace and love, something we have never felt before in our lives. This is yoga: rejoining the self with the Supreme Being and, in this union, we once again recall all the things of value that had been hidden. So yoga means remembering: remembering the original self, the original and eternal relationship with the Supreme Being and remembering, through experience, the true meaning of love, peace and happiness (as a result of the connection with the Supreme).                               

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